Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday, December 8, 2012


The things to note here are:

1. If you are too proud to handle rubbish, you may not survive.

2. Note that people (and Marabu storks) know what to do with some of the rubbish.

So, off to Entebbe to see how it works:


This is my first post for TAKATAKA NI MAPESA. 

English translation for those of you not living in a Swahili speaking nation:

This is really a survival site for Africans and Wazungu (White folks) to learn how to survive by transforming trash into treasure and either using it or selling it or bartering it.

Some of you will wonder what my qualifications are for doing such a blog. The answer is that I grew up in Africa, and later I was in church ministry in Ethiopia and Kenya. I saw amazing things that Africans could to with trash. I will share some of the clever things done with rubbish in Tanzania and Kenya long ago.

So, you Africans are invited to share your memories, or your own experiences, with recycled trash and rubbish. 

I will also be collecting all sorts of ideas from all over the world that we can all learn from. One thing you will learn real fast is that you must not carelessly throw away rubbish that could one day be transformed. 

But, you will also learn that your wife and friends may complain that your treasure pile in closets on behind your house is a lot of trouble and looks nasty. So, we will also try to find you ways to conceal your rubbish until you use it, or until it sinks into the earth for some archaeologist to find in 5000 years.

While we will have fun doing this, I am very serious. Life could fall apart for any of us any day now. The elite of this world are playing the fool and sending us to the edge of the abyss. We must NOT let them send us over the edge without a good supply of rubbish to transform into money.

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